Dreamer, Dream Me

it is addressed thusly:
O my beautiful universe: dream of Reality and Reality will tell you everything. Admit the Reality, of which you are a dream, and you will awaken... -St. Nikolai Velimirovich, Prayers by the Lake.
it reads:
Words, the keys to all mens' minds,
      the songs and symbols in them
My locks and stores of varied kinds
      once and more have been then
Sealed away behind a phrase,
      or barred beyond a statement
Belief and thought a twisting maze,
      memory a musky basement.

Hidden there are the truths sublime
      which we know not that we've learned
And fettered deep in aged rime
       the tools with which they're earned.
My eye, my hand, my foot, my arm;
       I ask for nothing more
Speak and I'll be healed from harm;
       just this I must implore.

'Antony!' he moves the sea, my spirit moves like wake;
'Antony, dream of Antony, You who dream, awake!'

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