Mrs. Macbeth

it is addressed thusly:
To my adolescent pretensions.
it reads:
My Hegelian dialectic
Was once regarded 'hectic'
My Marxist overtones
Could chill to the bones
I had Utopian thinking
That was more than just an inkling
A revolutionary pen
Rated nine out of ten.

Now I've gone and forgot
My progressive polyglot
Where once hot to trot
Most decidedly now 'not':

I spend my days considering
The parties and their splintering
The ruin of man's vision
His deplorable decision
And how from the start
All could see the wart
Which would become the host
Sea to sea and coast to coast.

Engels, Marx and Lennon
Are in their graves a'spinnin
On account of once white linen
That has now a nasty spot.

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