it reads:
I was once satisfied
To photograph the sky
Its luminous face
Its clouded eye.

At first vapor trails
Clouds like whales
Bright pink layer cake
Night ink'd star tails.

All these did fascinate
Lens and eye rotate
And crane to find
A scene to sate.

But then each photograph
Too many by half
How to administrate
Such sheaves of chaff?

In not long I'd forgot
Dawn and night-blot
Loud tinged cloud
For what, for what?

To fail when you start,
Amid then fall apart,
Costs counted amiss
This is no art;

Not to my credit then
Is to reach just the end
Down by laziness lie
And falter again;

I had my head in a cloud
You may say it aloud:
"To not start what you've finished,
Now that's not allowed!"

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