The Procrastinator

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
I had a remembrance of death
It came without warning; a breath
Of profound dread and fear
Of whispering in my ear:
"Are you ready? Is all in order?"
I lay unsteady; my mind on the border
Of sleep, ready for eventide
Do keep, the old ones had not lied
Many times I had thought about
The state which follows, to be without
Life, but to have the experience
Of the life of deeper sense
Which would be what? We're told
Our life will prefigure it before we're old
What we think, yes what we do
All we've seen, and what we knew
At the moment? And I was struck
How it was the same kind of luck
To wake up one morning and find
You had missed, time out of mind
Your chance to study for an exam
And I never was one to try to cram
And what good it would do here
With chast'ning death at my right ear?

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