it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
A gentle bowl, graceful in sound
Is a garden, that I once saw
In my mind's eye, at least
Verdant in summer or in spring
Visions care not for that thing
Consistency, or time, that beast
As though beauty, life her only law
And her by winding path I found
And gate through hole-in-the-ground
With youth's vigor's leap and bound
I heard a sobornost of chirp and caw
And find for eyes a brilliant feast
Clover flower streams watering
And how should I sing, sing, sing
Like some rustic I've never been
Boasting but well and wall, this creased
Space in the earth has all but ceased
To be other than fodder for sheep's maw
And goats and for making of straw
Though never walked its springy mound
And having never seen its solid ring
Nor iron gate now facing east
Nor by its waters hem and haw
This place most suitable for hearth
Was once called a 'garth'.
a postscript is here written:
A response to another poem.


  1. Clover flower streams
    Amidst beaming masts of white
    On fluttering brick.

  2. Today, I was with Garth in a garth!


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