City and Wilderness

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
"Forgive me these things," I said,
And recalled the dream of my mother
The sky lit, with fire's bright dread
Lightning strikes after one another.
"I know much of what I say is wrong,
And often I'm given to romances."
It was across the shore, or along
The line of trees bright light dances.
And among the streets I've seen in dreams
Great holes make buildings graves,
The mall and even the glass towers it seems
Now no more than lairs and caves.
"I do not dream of the end of ends,
Lest men's despair do take them;"
More ruins I see as this road bends
What was it could make them?
"But the end of this moment's time
Calls out from future ages."
Tis not an ordinary crime
But perhaps just war's own wages.
For when in times this castle set
Against an army dreadful
It would hold its strength and yet
From foundations slowly pull
And now a great crack runs along
The centerest column of all,
Even if she stands against the wrong
With any force she'll fall.
"I did not feel that kind of dread,
When I saw these visions"
No apocalypse and no howling dead
Among the lost additions
Among the sprawl now laid to rest
Or among the city's tombs
"I was at peace, it was for the best,"
Or in its concrete coombs.
Not a soul I saw that night
After fire and lightning's rain
No more was lit a manmade light
Would ever it be again?

"And that concludes all that I'd seen,
What may come from what has been."

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