Our Eighteen Ten

it is addressed thusly:
If not today, yesterday.
it reads:
We'll have our eighteen-ten, again
  most mattering about how, then
    could be we Victorian gentlemen
     and ladies, in suit and skirt and tie
       and vest and the rest
         I do not lie, do I, to be civilized
           be borne by but thread then?

But thread is not enough you say for the hey-
  day of the wise-winsome is not display
   of traits great in size, of lies to say and not say
    why - while substance stands in parlors wait-
      ing and waitng and asking
        of fate, hate, near ends of late
          and last things drop'd in dusk of day?

But the thread a figure and signs the vest-
  ments of yesteryear, dear-made things best
   for centuries before and all the rest
     eighteen, seventeen, sixteen and fif-
      teen ten, then again
        and we see no proud played riff if tiff
          we must?
            we shan't puff out the chest:

For no man knows knacks any bet-
 ter we take him by his and act and let-
  ter except as piles, styles and get
    A kerchief for wept wounded pride
        And divide, count, plumb and slid-
          ing piles of error in stride
            Proud for just one, not some:
              The most mistakes to learn from.


  1. Excellent, River.
    And you say eighteen too. And file it under "The War" as weel. Interesting.
    Btw, I've cut way down on The Och. Likng very much instead Father Stephen's blog, "Gloy to God for All Things". I can send a link if you don't know it.
    Hope you are well.

  2. Yes, he is one of my favorites. Thanks for reading - I read a little G.M.Hopkins and made a try at sprung rhythm. Poetry lacks it these days except in rap. That's kind of sad, if you ask me.



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