Our Eighteen Ten

it is addressed thusly:
If not today, yesterday.
it reads:
We'll have our eighteen-ten, again
  most mattering about how, then
    could be we Victorian gentlemen
     and ladies, in suit and skirt and tie
       and vest and the rest
         I do not lie, do I, to be civilized
           be borne by but thread then?

But thread is not enough you say for the hey-
  day of the wise-winsome is not display
   of traits great in size, of lies to say and not say
    why - while substance stands in parlors wait-
      ing and waitng and asking
        of fate, hate, near ends of late
          and last things drop'd in dusk of day?

But the thread a figure and signs the vest-
  ments of yesteryear, dear-made things best
   for centuries before and all the rest
     eighteen, seventeen, sixteen and fif-
      teen ten, then again
        and we see no proud played riff if tiff
          we must?
            we shan't puff out the chest:

For no man knows knacks any bet-
 ter we take him by his and act and let-
  ter except as piles, styles and get
    A kerchief for wept wounded pride
        And divide, count, plumb and slid-
          ing piles of error in stride
            Proud for just one, not some:
              The most mistakes to learn from.


The Sun

it is addressed thusly:
Merry as the ancient sun...
it reads:
In Winter they but bless me
In Spring they call me friend;
But hear how they address me
By the summer's end!


Unboxing Day

it is addressed thusly:
So that's where I put all that stuff.
it reads:
We all think we're organized
Until we get lost in the woods;
As all our fears are realized
With the unboxing of all our goods.




Rhetoric & Action

it is addressed thusly:
Ideas let us know what we can do when we need to.
it reads:
Some will come later with romantic eyes
And tell of our lofty ideals;
But it will be mostly accusations & lies
Necessity was at our heels.


Ten Things

it is addressed thusly:
Ten riddles.
it reads: 

Small and silver one
Worth less than your parts, but oh
Who does not need you?


I lean and wonder
For youth a statement, this leg
High as half a man?


All poured within it
Glows like pearl or amber lit
Is it magical?


Is not this fire vain,
Fragile, cumbersome, until
All the lights go out?


I can feel a twitch
Is heaven's net made of such
Common things as this?


Can these whirling blades
Mine and the tiny germ, be
A coincidence?


The earth is a lake
For those so patient and slow
Did you see me dive?


Would you draw and face
Just to see the whiteness gleam
And the metal sing?


A flash so intense
Can no one contain its power
Save for that moist cloud?


A little earth made
From a little earth, does not
A seed find shelter?