Sonnet I, "Through word oft and only"

it is addressed thusly:
We're quite thankful for the rubber eraser (and the delete key.)
it reads:
A word is written, and from it we read
A rightly spoken, broken sort of charm
Has it awoken, the rhyme which does no harm
And hearing it, inspires a good indeed?

And mostly now in writ we find untrue
Our good intentions for naught did we dream,
A dream of eloquence and words agleam
With honest love and sanguine valor's hue?

For now and ever in this world is hid
From man his own true wishes are concealed
And dim his eyes from passion's stormy din
So by word bound with chain his hands amid
And through word oft and only are revealed
From pain and lies the truth impressed within.

1 comment:

  1. When sanguine dreams of eloquence
    Be fitly writ with life deliver
    As apples of gold in settings of silver
    What can there be the consequence?

    Yet would we to our God betray
    When words spring forth in adoration
    Look not past its decoration
    To true worship of Him delay?

    What means this languid resignation?
    Most pitiful pallor of impulses constrained
    A gluttony of words for its own sake
    Forgets its only destination
    Remains trapped in its beauty feigned.
    But soft! What light through yonder window breaks!


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