The Sign & The Truth

it is addressed thusly:
A question.
it reads:
The form of the thing is the sign
Of the truth which may be and when
The eye sees the beauty within
The sign and the truth align.

Now does a man see the real
Whose fetishes line his walls
Do the features compose what he calls
The good for which he must feel?

When seeking the meaning of things
Men often examine the shapes
Put on the colors like capes
Fly in the forms as with wings;

A system is often conceived
Which brings them together in mind
Is this our symbol and sign?
A chimera by which we're deceived?

A symbol like translucent glass
Which veils and reveals all the same
Simple figures herald our game
A first stanza just like the last.


  1. Could the relationship between the sign and the truth be likened to St. John the Baptist and Christ? A sign rightly used can point to the truth. Whereas a sign wrongly used can be mistaken for the truth itself. Remember that signs and wonders can also be a form of delusion rather than a revelation of the truth.

    On questioning the Answer that silences the question,
    Stands Truth who signs His signature from above.
    For to whom the truth has laid a hold of
    Contend not with signs nor things pedestrian.

  2. This poem, oddly, is about beauty... the thought being that if 'beauty is the splendor of the true' the mere features and details most often called beauty are only parts and themselves only have beauty when they are participants in the beauty of the inner man.

    This is why to each man his wife is beautiful: because the figure that she is can become illuminated from within - it is a beauty which might be disdained because it is 'subjective' i.e. not according to common properties of beauty regarded outwardly by the world; but it is objective because it is the real beauty and not blocked by age or sickness.

    Thus the wedding veil, indeed!

  3. For an oddly piercing moment, I could just hear your mother speaking privately to herself if she saw this. I can hear her say, "My son, you have gladdened my heart by being virtuous. Don't stop there or be proud, but continue in it."

  4. I have no idea if men think my wife is attractive. I only know that she is beautiful.


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