The Sage Considers Evils Spoken of his Country-Men

it is addressed thusly:
To those who find Decoration Day a time to work politics.

it reads:
Dead men's bones, dead men's bones
What shall we do about them?
A song I hear, and it intones:
What would we do without them?

Each politic a fancy way
Of old intimidation
A hat, a brace, an ivr'y lei
What simple motivation!

And now consider modern wit
Of non-profit fund-raising
A body may suffice for it
Dead better than the living!

And some patriots may not wear
Their enemies for a showing
But their dead are often heard of there
In cajoling us in going.

The anarchist and counter-cult
Parade bones just the same
But worse; in evil they exult
Unearth the dead for shame!

All men it seems exploit the dead
Sometimes they think, for good
Oh, but to those who bow their head
Is better they never would.

You, consider those who passed
In valor beyond the pall
And if advantage you seek at last
You should just forget them all.

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