I Believe

it is addressed thusly:
Lines may be read alone or together, and this is meet.
it reads:
I believe
In the possibility
That I am entirely wrong
I take my leave, and now leave
From the volatility
Which drops long
Of reason's sheave.

The potential
Of all things is, but
Not all that can will be
Incremental; Neither incremental
Things all will be or what
In an instant was free
And given essential.

And I know
Now the reality
Of knowledge having known
How far it may go - and it may go
As far as man is free
Insofar he may own
Any below.

Vapor of dreams
Brace us as child
Chase us through time
Is what it seems? And what it seems
Is psyche riled
To utter in rhyme
Eternal themes.

But now leave
My leaden thoughts
And rise in mind above
And do not grieve (but if you grieve)
Think not on oughts
But suffer in love
This I believe.

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