An Awful Thing

it reads:
An awful thing had happened to me
Today before just nine;
In turns it was eleven and eleven-to-three
But I woke up just fine.

You were in New York and I had to call
The details are a blur;
And we balanced, walked a crumbling wall
To avoid a prickly burr.

Now my phone was acting up
I threw it on the ground!
The battery and face broke right up
Neatly in a mound.

I swore up and down the pedigree
Of Google's phones was bad;
And awaking found it next to me
An HTC I had.

Last I recall us on the beach
In a town Victorian;
But you were there and out of reach
In New York again!

I was waiting for my old good friend
To Skype you from the bar
But his laptop was at the other end
He'd left it in his car!

I awoke asleep to wake again
A diff'rent time each time;
I know now before ten a.m.
Napping is a crime!


  1. Ho! There's a nutty, orange ladybug crawling across my thumb.

  2. Its no stranger than this beetle here, drinking spiced rum...


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