Song of the Sorceress

it is addressed thusly:
A song.

it reads:
Today we saw a preacher
Who tried to sell us God;
Seemed that God did reach her
But it still was odd.

Mentioned a needful thing
And boldness was her tack;
To mind she then did bring
What was found to lack.

In speeches musical
She cautiously regaled us;
Though what she said was true
Our better senses failed us.

Now don't get me wrong
Like you I love our Lord;
For him I'll suffer long
Feel wounds and know discord.

God willing if I keep me
Along this narrow path;
And his help in me deeply
I shall avoid the wrath.

Mother Mary do forgive
Asking for my pardon
But as yet I live
I shall not sell the garden.

To our ears a promise
About the wrath to come;
This is not amiss
And may be heard by some.

But then to our ears arise
Deliverance from ill;
From simple exercise
Or an act of will.

The gospel of this age
Is a magic spell;
We wonder of the wage
Of those who know it well?

And receive a form
For a bible-study list;
Is this the perfect storm
Is it merely this?


  1. Yes, hold fast to it and never ever sell the garden. Pray tell, to which denomination/cult was she affiliated with? And how did she come to be preaching at the store?

  2. Er, twas at that 'Get Motivated!' show. Real stand up gal, but the part where she claimed that all of her addictions were removed when she uttered particular words ... plus the fact that she was basically up there preaching to a crowd of some thousands... it all was an odd spectacle.


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