Public Service

it is addressed thusly:
Gifts are given by another, for another.

it reads:
An open place, an agora space
Was in this place once founded;
A sheltered well, a sunlit trace
Was by this fence bounded.

It is still free for all to use
But now too many use it;
To lose it now's too much to lose
But we shall surely lose it.

For the merely great have struck upon
The oldest kind of scheming;
Traps are set upon the lawn
To catch th' unwary dreaming.

What's for free is not for free;
Nor can it under this sun be.


  1. Public service: It's our way or the highway. We will determine for you how you need to be served and why you need to be served...our way. We will cripple you and then give you succor from our poisoned well. Get well soon!

  2. There is a Christian-like desire to extend a good thing to all people; but is this sometimes no more than throwing pearls before swine?

    But as usual, free things which are not personal are trapped with strings attached.


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