Of Pirates and Bays

it is addressed thusly:

it reads:
We would like to introduce a noble piracy
Stealing in which no one victim can be found
What greater cause, more applause for a pirate be?
We don't take we copy, and spread it all around!

I know exactly and completely what you've thought about
But I'm true and honest and quite sincere within;
Information is like gold, of which there is no doubt
It was free for me of old, and will be again!

Lastly and importantly we'd ask to you to attend
See our plunderees and you'd say with alacrity:
If such as these are enemies, well then in the end
To hell with greed, we all need for information to be free!


  1. So shall the King greatly desire thy booty. And spoils to make his face to shine.


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