The Contention

it is addressed thusly:
To Andrew, and Drew, who remind me that I don't know what I'm talking about :)

it reads:
"A password is a phrase you use," said he,
"To access what's kept importantly
Safe, secure and out of reach
Far from life's hard unhandsome breach."

But his fellow raised a finger saying,
"Not your winsome words belaying,
But a password cannot be a phrase
Not properly, if man follows all the ways
That govern a datum so sensitive."

And in response he shook the sieve,
"But if the data is quite so obscure
Writing it down only will sure abjure
A failure of man's weak memory
But perhaps leave it clear for all to see!"

The third listening now gave reply,
"Your own few words now full belie
Any cryptographic knowledge-base
Keep it written someplace safe!"

And somewhere beyond this contentious speech
Not quite completely beyond man's reach
Is a password stored with proper tact
But trouble stirs this uneasy pact;
A lock-box keeps his cipher-security
If only he could find the key!


  1. Ah yes! Bravo! Very good sir! :) Glad we all could inspire you.

  2. Then try using a pass-sword to break open the lock-box.


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