The Pride of Life

it is addressed thusly:
Nor the lust of the flesh, nor the lust of the eyes.

it reads:
A sphere of crystal, a looking-glass
A diamond night, a time to pass
Writing by moonlight on the floor
Rhyming tiles, a song of lore:
"What is more fleeting in its strife
Than desire for pleasures of this life
Lo, it has come and it has gone
As the hour before the dawn."


The Glass of Days

it is addressed thusly:
Drink deep.

it reads:
Each castle built of sand
    and of dust and dreams
Must go again to them,
    and the sky's listless gaze
Sees ruin to their lofty stand,
    but all is not as it seems
For each time and again
    held full the glass of days.


The Contention

it is addressed thusly:
To Andrew, and Drew, who remind me that I don't know what I'm talking about :)

it reads:
"A password is a phrase you use," said he,
"To access what's kept importantly
Safe, secure and out of reach
Far from life's hard unhandsome breach."

But his fellow raised a finger saying,
"Not your winsome words belaying,
But a password cannot be a phrase
Not properly, if man follows all the ways
That govern a datum so sensitive."

And in response he shook the sieve,
"But if the data is quite so obscure
Writing it down only will sure abjure
A failure of man's weak memory
But perhaps leave it clear for all to see!"

The third listening now gave reply,
"Your own few words now full belie
Any cryptographic knowledge-base
Keep it written someplace safe!"

And somewhere beyond this contentious speech
Not quite completely beyond man's reach
Is a password stored with proper tact
But trouble stirs this uneasy pact;
A lock-box keeps his cipher-security
If only he could find the key!


To The Blooming Tree I Saw

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.

it reads:
Drapes about like doilies of expensive Victorian lace
Adorned like Persian ladies, and a picture of their grace;
Four-pointed flowers clear and white make your May-month clothes
But how to find out what you are - it seems that no-one knows!


Two Contest About The Meaning of Fires

it is addressed thusly:
A question.

it reads:
"though Elijah's Fire", he said
"Fills the unworthy with all dread."
"Aflame but not consumed,
It is strange we have presumed
That such a thing is fire!"
Spoke the other with some ire;
"But fire yet it is
The real question still is this -
About no facts," he dryly said
"But what is Fire, instead?"


The Sage Considers Lost Works

it is addressed thusly:
Some work comes to naught, and it is meet.

it reads:
Some things be ought
Crooked rather than straight
Not whole but quite broken
And why should they not? Why should they not
Whose evil so great
Mark as their token
How they were ill-thought.


The Poet Tells Of His Many Dreams

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:

I dreamt long, and many times of this place
I stand at its edge but may not enter
It casts its images hard upon the face
Of my soul, of interminable winter
And spring, autumn and high zenith time
And every bright star and winged word
All bright and wise and every rhyme
Form a great and multifarious herd
Word upon word and dance upon dance
Where all things merry court and play
The master in every idle glance
I would handle the door and go and lay
But I cannot because upon my lips
Are words that must be writ and spoken
I asked long, In midst of stormy trips
And torrents and dreams long broken
For a Word; that might be all things
To all men and at last no credit to me
Who too quick to the four winds wings
And is called upon by all who should be
And shock; and awe; and wonder and irony
Like the marvels of all things unseen
And broke chains against truth and beauty
And called men to he who has been
Away from fading lamps and looks
By silver moon to sun-gold liss
And on and on through old immortal books
Beyond what comes to he who is
But will this light cast upon my soul's face
Break the centuries' cold chained winter
As here I stand, before this place
I stand and wait; but may not enter!


Of Pirates and Bays

it is addressed thusly:

it reads:
We would like to introduce a noble piracy
Stealing in which no one victim can be found
What greater cause, more applause for a pirate be?
We don't take we copy, and spread it all around!

I know exactly and completely what you've thought about
But I'm true and honest and quite sincere within;
Information is like gold, of which there is no doubt
It was free for me of old, and will be again!

Lastly and importantly we'd ask to you to attend
See our plunderees and you'd say with alacrity:
If such as these are enemies, well then in the end
To hell with greed, we all need for information to be free!


The Song of the Last Men

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.

it reads:
If it would be have been our choice
We'd have been born as beasts;
Forget the will, the word, the human voice
Bring on the endless feasts!
But hold a moment on that request
We'd had a troubling thought;
For health to feast is not the best
Or not to feast a lot!
But if you can find us pleasure still
With consequence the least;
Let it then again have been our will
And make each a mindless beast!


Aim: Virtue

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.

it reads:
Be a Book of Many Things
True and light and finely wrought;
Loose and wild and well-arranged
Never sold, and never bought.


Real Reviews, Real People

it is addressed thusly:
To Yelp, Facebook and all of our favorite pollsters.

it reads:
'round our man is seen a gathered thing;
A crowd, a clump, a loud conglomeration
Of souls, for roles a dreadful clamor ring;
Who is this brave, this praise of all the nation?

A closer look reveals a re'al wrinkle;
For which we all see borne upon his pinions
How in his eye he bears seductive twinkle
How of his own are all the right opinions;

His wings (that is) they stretch across the world
A fair facade fantastical, a mansion;
His knot there bound are his own flag unfurled
In their own eyes, the best of time's expansion.

This growth is large, and poor in ev'ry humor
The wisdom of the crowds looks like a tumor!

A Post-script is here written:
Conservative excision recommended before lesion becomes malignant.


Three Haiku: Wind, Road, Motorcar

it is addressed thusly:
What does restlessness mean for the outcast?

it reads:
A weight of glory
Elijah once heard whisper
In this restless air.

The world is smaller
On gun-gray ribbon, now run
and breathe and turn, wheel.

These brazen cars fly
And dart, but rest not O eye;
For theirs rest not either.


Three Haiku: Sprout, Tomato, Awning

it is addressed thusly:
A season for all things.

it reads:
The peeking tendril
Of root's green rout shows the ground
Having hidden life.

Red apples bitter
But sweet to the taste and salt
And bread make delight.

Hot and cold weather
Is sun and wind in discussion;
I find shade instead.


Three Haiku: Time, Moonlight, Thunder

it is addressed thusly:
Things which seem most unrelated are often right beside each other.
it reads:

Within my watch springs
Beneath faces, behind hands
A time for all things

A bright night bothers
My night eyes blinking, ahead
Sunshine on moonscape.

The thunders I hear
Reports of unseen lightnings
Cloud-veiled storm soon seen


Song of the Sorceress

it is addressed thusly:
A song.

it reads:
Today we saw a preacher
Who tried to sell us God;
Seemed that God did reach her
But it still was odd.

Mentioned a needful thing
And boldness was her tack;
To mind she then did bring
What was found to lack.

In speeches musical
She cautiously regaled us;
Though what she said was true
Our better senses failed us.

Now don't get me wrong
Like you I love our Lord;
For him I'll suffer long
Feel wounds and know discord.

God willing if I keep me
Along this narrow path;
And his help in me deeply
I shall avoid the wrath.

Mother Mary do forgive
Asking for my pardon
But as yet I live
I shall not sell the garden.

To our ears a promise
About the wrath to come;
This is not amiss
And may be heard by some.

But then to our ears arise
Deliverance from ill;
From simple exercise
Or an act of will.

The gospel of this age
Is a magic spell;
We wonder of the wage
Of those who know it well?

And receive a form
For a bible-study list;
Is this the perfect storm
Is it merely this?


Public Service

it is addressed thusly:
Gifts are given by another, for another.

it reads:
An open place, an agora space
Was in this place once founded;
A sheltered well, a sunlit trace
Was by this fence bounded.

It is still free for all to use
But now too many use it;
To lose it now's too much to lose
But we shall surely lose it.

For the merely great have struck upon
The oldest kind of scheming;
Traps are set upon the lawn
To catch th' unwary dreaming.

What's for free is not for free;
Nor can it under this sun be.


The Poet Laments His Feeble Text Messages

it is addressed thusly:
We can only hope someday that phone keyboards may be usable.
it reads:
A thousand stories left to tell, and I shall not tell them;
For the kings it's just as well, my pen had not befell them.
If my hand find not to move, o'er gun-gray and silken screen
Still my magic pen behoove: labor's letters great have been.