Our F8

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.

it reads:
"A billion likes
Is the best possible way
To describe the internet."

It is also quite convenient
Almost, shall we say
An example of parsimony
An epitome thereof
As if I was not exaggerating enough:

They are building
Exactly such a thing you see
A giant map.

In my days of idleness
I discovered my favorite way to pass the time
Was to stare at the pictures
They call maps
Of the top of the land.

The lisping cherub
He looks like my third cousin
(We hail from Albion.)

He sits telling all of us
His girlfriend is in medical school
And whose isn't these days
If you were spawned
In the vast suburbs.

He like the rest of our comrades
Shares that moral passion for one thing

But I for one am glad
(If you may pardon my giddiness)
That the screens alone
And not what is behind them
Are transparent.

And the hope is of course
Not that when I visit CNN I will see
The other side (it's a bedroom community)

No; Such a convenience would be
Positively democratic
In the real sense of the word
We let the glass wall remain opaque
On my side.

Nevertheless the reality of things is
Which was since the first wedding
Known to be a veil.

But this one-sided curtain
Wasn't that the story of
The sorceror, the wizard wannabe
Who lived in the city of green
On the path of gold?

Those who do not understand
Who were not here when we first built this
Will not see the magic trick.

No; they will be part of the new
Friendlier, safer and wiser web
The book of 'open graphs'
The new play of masks
Of faces set in time by light.

And the apostle sayeth:
Ye have many likes
But few loves.

a postscript is here written:
a pass-word:

f eight live 2010

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