My Heart Is Not My Own

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
There is a freedom found in knowing you,
Although I err recall your love unspoken,
And love you keep in knowing something true,
That this my bond is also still unbroken.

Though mind obscure the paths in faith you take,
And though my muses occlude my surety failed,
The strangest thing to me does now awake!
A word, a ring, a thing we've now availed.

This cord of three strands is the metaphor,
For o'er the world our homeland's now the same
Through mood or mask we share a common door
Our hall unkempt has borne the only name.

Never will you know nor I my own;
And yet somehow we are soon fully known.

1 comment:

  1. What lies behind the wounding smile
    That peaceful silence which chides,
    Is a love so true and free of guile
    Soft, dark, and warm as eventide.

    Bathed in limpid light above
    I walk on buoyant landings
    Yours, darling, is a special brand of love
    That demands much without being demanding.

    I walk with you in forlorn grasses
    And think of all the subjects we’ve crossed
    Perhaps for a time among the masses
    We fall and collapse from being embossed!

    What beats and speaks and prone to be wild
    Enclosed in the flesh of a wiry man-child.


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