Freedom's End

it is addressed thusly:
Friend simply means, 'free man'.

it reads:
To the man whose merely free
Freedom finds him searching for
Besting the conspiracy
Enemies he will count them: four.

The first is menacing, the state
The one that he will truly serve
He reveals within suspicious hate
Loyalty that cannot swerve

The second; market's greed for goods
The goods which come from his own hands
These he claims are naught but hoods
But buys daily his own bands

The third the church whose solemn life
Wrecks his fool festivity
Now instead of wisdom's wife
He will grieve unconsciously

The last is neighbor, thief of time
We must be independent from!
But weakness grows from crime to crime
And time now freely go and come.

Freedom from is what or how:
Of Caeser, Mammon, Pope and Friend?
Severed he is weakened now
And will not choose his servant's end.

1 comment:

  1. Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s
    And unto the Lord all that is His.
    Rendering thus, it becomes easier
    To give wholly of yourself with vis.

    Put mammon in chains by using it well
    Converting cash into sacrifice.
    Be ready with possessions to sell
    Care for that which your soul would suffice.

    Wisdom’s wife is life perceived
    Through eyes of that of the Savior.
    Even conscious tears of grief deceived
    The traitor whose loyalty wavered.

    What is enemy and what is neighbor
    That does not also reside in self?
    Time and toil and wandering labor
    To be kept high upon a shelf.


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