Prayer and Long Division

it is addressed thusly:
Dread, bliss, and then, mirth.

it reads:
We must wait; for in waiting
We find hope, and in hoping
We find breath; and in breathing
We pray; and in praying
We bow; and in bowing
We find earth.

We will be made whole in time
A pauper's sack, a drunk's rhyme
For listening on hour's chime
Lips moving in pantomime
Awake, heart, awake mind
And find: rebirth.

And then waft drafting air
Lifting hope, lifting care
And then limbs, feet bear
Earth's face again where
Coin found, our fare
And then, mirth.

1 comment:

  1. Soul delighting in the richest of fare
    Removed from every trace of care

    Marrow and fat robed body bare
    Name and face and limbs made yare


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