it is addressed thusly:
'Steel yourselves'

it reads:
A light thing is it
To consider war
But to complete her
is not fit, is not fit
If gone not for
A day or another
To consider it.


  1. Brother, do you know how dear you are to me?
    I address you as one who is as close to me as the blood coursing through my veins.

    But give you my heart or my blood? And vice versa.

    Should it be thus? Give me not your heart lest I trample over it and would soon have nothing left to give.

    Nay, let it be undivided and wholly given unto God. It is enough to give of your heart's nectar.

    For what is love, but the laying down of one's own life for one's friends.

  2. Unless the grapes are trampled down, there will be no wine.


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