Mars' Loosed

it is addressed thusly:
And to those who struggle violently against each other; beware as well.

in four:
With roaring red and of flank and flame
The second morn's announcement came
From afar war comes to die
Lamp 'gainst lamp, lie 'gainst lie;

And from his pole old Mars is loosed
To fight is vain; the knight is noosed
Flaming out falls in the sea
Avenged the harmless, he will be!

in three:
In red of flank and flame
For second mornsign came
Our War drives far to die
Will fall both lamp and lie;

Of house is Mars now loosed
The sword is hung and noosed
Doused flame falls to the sea
O meek, your victory!


Moon's Twilight

it is addressed thusly:
Beware O lover of silver, for now no money will buy you oil.

in four:
In blue and gray and halfway dark
Comes the Day's first morning-mark
To those who silver now obey
Will see gray morning turn away

Fall like figs do heaven's stars
Rocks hide not our empty jars
Moon is lost and toss't aside
No man's work may now abide.

in three:
In blue and gray and dark
Day's first morning mark
Should silver you obey
Gray morning's turned away

Fell figs are heaven's stars
'neath rock now hide your jars
Moon lost and toss't aside
Man's works no more abide.


Walk This Way

it is addressed thusly:
A lyric.

it reads:
My legs, might of my youth
O Falter not, but hold
Me firmly to my path,
A friend is not uncouth
Who slackens from the bold
Who knows when man must fold
And frees through what he hath
His walk from dreadful wrath.


Keep Your Bearing

it is addressed thusly:
A lyric.

it reads:
Be strong, my heart of hearts
A lighter yoke awaits
As from glory arrive
Our breath to glory parts
Look to no ill-born fates
Too soon our trial abates
But still ahead we drive;
Beat still, for we are alive!


Slight Adjustments

it is addressed thusly:
A tomb, a prison, a plan.

it reads:
A slight is made against us all
And where well doing could
Brick by brick is built the wall
To keep us in for good.

How is it we may keep man safe?
There is no way to do it;
Then how to quiet the wailing waif?
Poe was one who knew it;

Give free wine and time to dine
And winsome-seeming discourse
For the live a table's fine
But this tomb is for a corpse!


The Method

it is addressed thusly:
A meditation for confession.

it reads:
The psychologist becomes a mirror
He looks at us looking at him
And asks, what do we see there
What is there that we dislike
That discomfits us, that we
Should attempt to remove it?

But the Church asks nothing of us
But looks at us like a baker and
Will we say, 'I will'? Then
Sets us down gently like a curio and
Takes a rolling-pin to us
And evils just pop right out.


Be Turned Back Again

it is addressed thusly:
An image.

it reads:
And gone up to the high places they had
Wood and stone and iron to pry and go mad
A ladder, a stair to find their way there
To take the apple of their eye to care
Lovers of silver! Behold and beware.

But turned back, turned back whence we came
The new story and the old one the same
As the small places emptied out of life
Soon the hot sword, the Doctor's knife
Would fill them again, rustic and rife.

And here an image so strange is conjured
In it our fears, our worries abjured?
For each of us return, are made of earth
Out-steps of ship, man of Martian birth
What of such ones, shall guess we their worth?

A strange land indeed, for sojourners all,
Will with this sight the heart so appall?
Nay, suppose I rather the red-earth man then
Would be greeted with kiss, embraced and so when
He go, then also, be turned back again.


Prayer and Long Division

it is addressed thusly:
Dread, bliss, and then, mirth.

it reads:
We must wait; for in waiting
We find hope, and in hoping
We find breath; and in breathing
We pray; and in praying
We bow; and in bowing
We find earth.

We will be made whole in time
A pauper's sack, a drunk's rhyme
For listening on hour's chime
Lips moving in pantomime
Awake, heart, awake mind
And find: rebirth.

And then waft drafting air
Lifting hope, lifting care
And then limbs, feet bear
Earth's face again where
Coin found, our fare
And then, mirth.



it is addressed thusly:
Fox One!

it reads:
I want to write
A red rocket-bomb
Searing salt wake
Breaking the night, breaking the night
In bellow-loud gong
Of wonder and yellowcake
Beauty, truth and light.



it is addressed thusly:
Nurse, scalpel!

it reads:
I am cut deep
This a wounded mood
An incision here
I must keep, I must keep
Else lift my rood
Which is the more dear
Ear to reap?



it is addressed thusly:
'Steel yourselves'

it reads:
A light thing is it
To consider war
But to complete her
is not fit, is not fit
If gone not for
A day or another
To consider it.



it is addressed thusly:
Perhaps not really made.

it reads:
Rarely found is poem
Whose sound so strong
Music so sweet
To win them; To win them
And attend them long
A real treat
And not an addendum.


Not The Way We Know It

it is addressed thusly:
For Sippican Cottage.

it reads:
The cities were once beautiful
But not the way we know it so
So this is what we are told
We who are young, we who are old.

What is life but messiness
Exhaustedly against we press
The folds of the unfolding air
And breathe out an earthly care

The odors of the many things
Fly on microscopic wings
Like a host of fairy-kin
And stir without, what within

A waking dream unset the dust
Desire a motion, will a gust
The dirt is resting everywhere
Crust of must this must we share

The street alive with trouble's wight
Fear is day, desire is night
But chance awakes a new detour
Distrust mask a special more

Among the wind's cacophany
Rises unwrit symphony
Look not at beauty of the eyes
Heed not our daylight's pretty lies

Nor heed moonshine's false delight
Still and stiller is the might
Of the thing which stills the air
Drunk desire in virtue share

For my dreams are paving-stones
Build they roads and build they homes
Build it high and build it low
Build it now or long ago

A northern light in darkened world
A bow untaut, a scroll unfurled
Eat the bread of living air
Feel the common worldly care

And tip your hat to passerby
Smell of urine, smell of lye
I bit my lip to beauty full
But not the way we know it so.

a postscript is here written:
a pass-word:

sippican remembers forgotten beauty


The Drinker

it reads:
Hear, this water
Chills me deeply
Diffused inside,
Zion's daughter; Zion's daughter
Echoes but clearly
I play this eventide
Music taught her.