it reads:
Young ought I,
By fishes find rest
My scavenger of sea
Not by and by,
Why of them swum I best
Pirate they call me
I shall not lie.


The Earth is Flat and the Heavens a Dome

it is addressed thusly:
The word which describes something is not the thing described.

it reads:
The earth is place so rightly called
Where-come feet, for wide un-walled
Space below be solid that
Some have thought it always flat

The heaven is the place above
From edge to edge of earth to shove
Stars and birds and height its home
Many have thought and called it dome.

The space beneath my feet must be
A place made-level more to free
My head to remain itself upright
Or else unwary, downward flight.

The space above my head must be
A place around my eyes to see
The essential shape of this purview
Is quite half-round, speaking true.

A man who wills to walk on air
Must do so with utmost care
For what an art of kingly worth
Can make the air flat like the earth?

The roundness of our planet fools
Defiant of grandmaster's tools
Round says man whilst looking at
And where he stands, still is quite flat.

For if the heaven is a curve
It would be a sordid swerve
If in relation to the air
Worlds turned out to be a square!

The flatness of our footing tricks
Those whose mindly timer ticks
Before the leap of knowledge made
This astonished cavalcade.

But beyond a quibble, a facet, a find
This word-witter has full-up made up his mind
Whenever, wherever our humanly home
The earth it is flat, and the heavens a dome.



it is addressed thusly:
An ode.

it reads:
In simple rows so roughly hewn
Undignified as almost strewn
But of those rotted and forgot
We still may say they are quite not

Not in a place ornate adorned
But simple and so careful formed
But where none care an arch to make
They will this way this thing forsake

Where the halls are high enough
Cut they smooth or cut they rough
But for those of men make small
We cannot this way truly call.

A cautious combination true
A contemplation we renew
Of inner beauty found so near
To the eye, this we call


The Grape

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.

it reads:
Like a grape, a grape I'm crushed
Blessed and pressed but never rushed
Plucked and pruned and newly pulled
Swished and spiced and duly mulled

To ferment I'm left in air
Pressed on cold and slow to fare
Aged in wood and soaked like blood
Cut like grass and chewed liked cud

Baked as bread in leisure rise
Waiting wit, and find it wise
Long is grown the patient beard
In this patience is fullness neared

The heart is made and made to break
The wine is brewed for men to take
And give thanks to God above
An oblation of thanks, a breaking of love.



it is addressed thusly:

it reads:
What I saw I saw not plain
A thing my senses could not contain
Invisible, intangible- it may be said
Too much for one to see instead.



it is addressed thusly:
Breathe in, Breathe out.

it reads:
In white room found I
Fountain, washing and finding
Myself a white tomb

In dark room found I
Dust and dust coughing, finding
Tomb to be empty.


My Valentine

it is addressed thusly:
To my donut.

it reads:
I will tell my deep desire
It is in you to thus inspire
In work and sound and all you see
The same which you inspire in me.


The Breaking of the Shells

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.

it reads:
It is the time so soon indeed
Of the breaking of the shells
Child among the sand and weed
Feet awet of salty swells

On waters raised the cosmic berth
Our own old salty teller tells
On water vessel runs of earth
For the breaking of the shells

A small crustacean flees in fears
Fearing tolling of the bells
Telling crack of sound in ears
In the breaking of the shells

A mollusk buries hiding flesh
For its pearls is digging wells
But water works a rising mesh
With the breaking of the shells

The son who bears the wood for home
Set aside for seaside spells
Does his father's order's come
At the breaking of the shells

Hiding thing as beast betwixt
Calcified of suffered cells
In a blow so swift is fix'd
Through the breaking of the shells

Now to home the child is bound
Fair through air of salty smells
In this way the lost are found
In the breaking of the shells.


The Weather

it is addressed thusly:
'Sir, may I have another!'

Dedicated to the blizzard of February, 2010.

it reads:
Once we had dug ourselves right out
Another wave would cause us to rout
The walks are narrow, the hills are tall
Ice and cold for every and all!

When you thought the matter was settled
This fix we're in my mind has mettled
Our hubris is to be quite destroyed
So bow down and take it - don't be annoyed!


Science and Scientism

it is addressed thusly:
Nature must point to its origin.

it reads:
A kind of knowledge winding way
An entire night, an entire day
One a snake itself devours
Another points divides the hours.



it is addressed thusly:
Some pleasure is merely the anticipation.

it reads:
As we awaited, breath bated
Hope waxing, yet unfrustrated
A crime of time's circumstance
Without warning, our chance!


A Night As Bright As Noon

it is addressed thusly:
To get to heaven, you must go up.

it reads:
Here there is no sun
That is to say not one
But everywhere a star
And everywhere very far

Up is here the only way
Toward the night and toward the day
Might enough to make man burst
Such an endless, mighty thirst

As I come about the round
A peculiarity I have found
For it is still night by the sky
Still for light I shield my eye

How dark the abyss, the great Unknow
How bright the heavens' chiaroscuro
How still the music, how quiet the moon
Endless is this night as bright as noon.


Babel's Return

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.

it reads:
When wistfully I winked my eyes
This tower cast contrariwise
Cast across the entire earth
High as the moon about her berth
Fast as flame, silent as the sun
All words unite in zero and one
They build the Singular concern
And heed not, see not Babel's return.


Limerick about the Rhinovirus

it is addressed thusly:
And they say the globe is warming.

it reads:
Coughing in the present tense
Is apparently my sentence
My lungs and sinus all pretend
A few more wheezes out will send
And complete my penance.