Quite Flat

it is addressed thusly:
We may have nothing to hide, but is it because we have nothing worth keeping?

it reads:
All the things you know now
May soon be put on sale
Ev'ry wall full torn down
Level, every cliff and dale.


  1. Silence cannot but dutifully speak
    Dew drops its nectar pale and sweet
    On drums that hear the roaring pain
    Despite the flourish of petals feign.

  2. http://epiphanist.wordpress.com/2009/09/30/the-orators-wife/

    The Orator’s Wife

    Deep in her gaze

    we met

    in love

    with the dawn

    she showed me

    the sparkling jewels

    which dripped


    her silent mouth

    (me: teeth?)


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