Logoi / Names

it is addressed thusly:
It had become a glimmering girl /
With apple blossom in her hair /
Who called me by my name and ran /
And faded through the brightening air.

it reads:
What should it mean
That I have a name?
In a world of quantity
My name is so many letters long.
It was given to me
By my mother, my father;
It is in this or that tongue,
And someone first uttered it
In some age now unknown
It began.

This name that I have
Is it any different
Than a number? If I had
A number it would be
At least unique.

But then we find ourselves
In a daydream, a shadow
Of a vision; in which
We are waking because we heard
Distinctly; not like
The echo of the word
Which is in our head
But as though our ear
Picked up the sound
And that sound was
Our name.

But we are told
And assured (clearly)
That this is impossible;
How would we know it was
Our own?

But in that vision
The senses which are
Between the senses
Play a tingling note
As though we were
A magnet now pointing north;
And we know in our heart
That deep calls out to deep
That for a moment we were
Transfixed, held and drawn
By the calling
Of our name.

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