The Condition

it is addressed thusly:
... he comes to us clad in all the careless terrors of nature; he is as strange as the stars, as reckless and indifferent as the rain.

it reads:
A far-fallen unlit lamp
Our outsider to inside camp
Fine finder of lost insides
Bringer bold of old bromides
Looking outward inward ward
Rusted racked sheath'ed sword
A night's eyes-wise wild one
Sight no shining but the sun
Twin won war which willed within
The double trouble subtle sin
Tell truth not but learn it yet
One with two or more the set
Sun come gone and twilight left
Flight-fight wight lie lightly weft
String unseen tween ghost and hull
Dead recover real reel or doll
Beast breast beats not brutish kept
Sigh of suffering worldly wept
Singer's sign swelled inside song
Dust and gust and tear oblong
Electric eclectic oft pathetic
Heat and meat and spark kinetic
An eye for eye that sees itself
Faerie mind and fire of elf
Left mark most as morning dew
Done kept mortal called curfew
Rest and motion, shade and thing
Action and passion, silence sing
Alone and home, idea and thought
Man and woman, fled and fought
Contradiction of two told things
Love and hate, hearse and wings
Do as you must, do as you can
But you will be done, for you are man.

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