it is addressed thusly:
A fragment.

it reads:
I see now a jubilee
A pageant great in front of me
Twelve and twelve and thousand ones
Pearls and flames and flaming suns!

Wind gusts hold the sounds of God
For every tongue, for every sod
A triad each for winds of four
And at times, for all one more.

The earthen-kin arising and rising from earth
Simon the Rock comes declaring His Birth
Nathan the Furrowed says God's Mother, now born
Andrew called first raises the Cross as a horn.

From water the waves of dispelling deceit
James the Changing Announces it Meet
Thomas the Pierced speaks of Water's new wight
John the Divine of transfiguring light.

The soaring and drifting ones all calling out
The Palm-laden path James is thun'dring about
Philip our Lady's last reclining has said
Matthias the Enthroning of man's nature with dread!

The fiery and fierce sparking, fast-catching men
Matthew the Candle-mass was his and then
Jude the Bold our Mother's entry uncrossed
Simon the Zealous tells us: Pentecost!

No truer Jew they say is left to be said
The thirteenth? Is Paul: Saul left half for dead
All speaking, all saying, with he as their spear
The Pascha, the passover, the Easter is here!

Wheels in wheels of living things
Each for all each says and sings;
Their sounds have gone throughout the earth
Twelve times bell chimes and rightly rings
Forget not their berth, the keys, their worth!

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