it is addressed thusly:
A fragment.

it reads:
Like world-trees would we
Of our inner kingdoms
Ransoms paid, promises made;
But could we keep them?

Let us ourselves decrease
(for we must eventually)
That they may increase

Let us recount the times and seasons
And again, to recount our travelogue;
That we forget not the reasons
Nor symbols, signs, our song.

A light verse is written here
(nothing so fancily framed)
That the deaf may hear.

1 comment:

  1. When uttered secrets sear their marks
    And deeply etched into the heart
    What use is it to think of whether
    We are able to have them tethered?

    For we did not ourselves these promises made
    Nor saw the path that was engraved
    But blindly agreed with little faith
    To love with every breath until death.

    Each fleeting moment meeting eternity
    Deftly recorded with Divine certainty
    Our travelogue will never be forgotten
    Even by those whom we have begotten

    The deaf will hear when all will jeer
    Since we have cause to be of good cheer.


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