it is addressed thusly:
A fragment.

it reads:
Etchings seen as on twelve stones
A fell impressive sight
Recall the twelve, of beauty's helm
A city prism'd pearly light.

A jasper red for courageous dead
Our first she Marches forth today;
A sapphire's sky with rockets fly
The next is April's starry way;
Chalcedony's waxen colors for beauty's lovers
East's complete with May.

Of emeralds vert a wild concert
On June's own time of hearing;
Of sardonyx tan and brown earth-man
In July his works endearing;
Carnelian's cream of orange-clear dream
Through vision South's now clearing.

Chartreuse Chrysolite in enduring light
We find diligent September;
Beryl's blue and yellow hue
For pairs we know October;
Yellow topaz for he that has
And gives West end - November.

Brightly teal Chrysoprase's heel
for December's message wings;
Purple royal of Jacinth's oil
Our Janus' secret light brings;
Amethyst pale and violet tale
Now North the teller sings.

A year of times, a year of places
A year of stones, of tombs and homes
A year of roles and ranks and files
The mind must feel, the finger traces.

1 comment:

  1. The mind does feel and finger trace
    Both ragged stones and gems embrace
    Forgetting things that which are past
    Lest being first should we be last.

    The things that which we are to keep
    Stand strong long after we're asleep
    Memory eternally
    'Til finally, the jubilee!


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