it is addressed thusly:
A fragment.

it reads:
Carefully we watched the skies
Until the sleeping hours came
Among the host had caught our eyes
Seven wonders' aether-flame

Then since then we cannot think
Of wonders as all wonderful
At all unless we count and blink
And counting seven several!

They are the place we call the sky
Heaven's domes do cover all
In aerial realms do spirits fly
Outer space, Abyss, Nowal!

The Syrian John was glib to say
That at least heavens of heavens were there
Some said seven, others may
Dispute, the counting then defer.

Let us head straight up - yes up!
And enter the musicked globes above;
Spheres within spheres do cup
On an eclipse; a line's enough.

First moon she is close at hand
(At least for these abysses!)
Second Venus meets our band
And third red Mars, whom no-one misses

Fourth is Mercury the quick
Fifth the solar house of gold;
Sixth fair Jupiter (the brick!)
Last is Saturn, distant, cold.

Be not fooled by accidents
Though they change their place;
Why consider these monuments?
They are the cosmos' human face.

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