In War the Heart is Made

it is addressed thusly:
A meditation.

it reads:
In war the heart is made to see
It's own old inner reality
No man can fight the rage and raw
By some contrive'd reasoned law

Hardly have the blades been drawn
The guns alight, the sound anon
Of seas of men in battle's call
Who run the river and siege the wall

The virtues waste unless a chance
A providential circumstance
Doth it arise and show anew
An honorable hero's view?

To be in some cases actual
Failures not contractual?
But we would feign to see it now
Beneath the choices mostly bow

In cowardice our safety lies
In killing, fleeing virtue dies
But what of grave necessity
Her awesome pensive gravity?

To choose which brother should lie low
Angelic tears may sieve like snow
But in the heart, the deeper mind
If his lord he there should find

So all war's necessity
And fame or fortune cannot be
The measure of heroic name
For evil and good then seem the same

Who are the judges, razor eyed
Whose minds true the truth divide
Of virtue built into the heart
Impregnable redouted fort

And if its king is present there,
To enemies an acrid air
Rise above the battlement
Away, O foeman, be thee sent!

Though the land my fall at last
Into the winds the fates be cast
No harm comes to the city fair
No beast or imp can dwell in there

And see it now, the desolation!
A memorial emancipation
Fair now will the memory
Of that place then always be

As red and gold and grey are mixed
Plans and prospering are nixed
Earthly things all go to rot
Desires burning for them hot

A sweet smelling fire must rise
This at last, before the eyes
And then before this see we all
A ram provided jumps the wall

Abram is spared, his son will live
Yet meet the sacrifice we give
Write in your heart a different law
Build not of sticks and hay and straw

No man is truly made the worse
Who does not harm his own soul first.

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