Of Opiates and Masses

it is addressed thusly:
Thanking both Marx and the Vatican for a fine pun made possible by their felicitous word choices.

it reads:
'Why are the priests rich' said the claque
A great bearded one upon their plaque
We'll make the war between the classes
Brand new balm; a cure for the masses

a postscript is here written:
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'vatican marx galileo darwin'


  1. Marx wasn't against using opiates to relieve pain but was against solely relying on them to fix an injury. Perhaps he was a man in pain who was crying out against the misuse of religion. "First taste is free, then you have to pay" so says the poster. In fact, that's true. Jesus gives the free gift of salvation to all who would take up their cross and follow Him. It takes believing in Him by having faith in Him. This means dying to self and to the world. It is no longer I but Christ who lives in me. We're made to think that religion is a scam to brainwash/control people with pie-in-the-sky dreams with the offer of free gift of eternal life/salvation. But that is the lie of Satan. Christ is real. Eternal life is real. Christ dying on the cross to save our souls is real. Nothing about Christ is a scam while everything else that denies Him is.

  2. The pun is 'cure for the masses' - mass of course being the Roman's term for Liturgy, the barb is 'for' as though it were simultaneously a cure 'for' the disease of religion, and consequentially, man. Of course, all of our medicines rarely cure a disease, but rather are to enable the body to do its healing. An opiate removes discomfort which might cause psychological side effects in extreme cases which could hinder healing.

    Though I will agree; certainly Marx, like Nietzsche was a man in pain, for certainly he had not the right medicine. While we don't always feel better (for 'feeling' better is not really the goal but being whole) the Spirit is still the Comforter; he does not intend to crush us with pain and wither us to nothing out of some commitment to a truth without beauty or love.

  3. It may be important to know that the barb (or barbituates) cause sedation, but are not used to mollify pain. We're taught that they lack the analgesic properties that opiates have. And when used in conjunction with other drugs, the barbs tend to decrease the half-lives of drugs that are metabolized by the liver and thus, rendering those drugs ineffective.

    Also, isn't it strange how although the goal is not to "feel better" but to become whole, it's only after we are made whole that we feel better than we've ever felt because we will truly "be" better than we've ever been.

  4. It's like the child who is born experiences pain because he is not used to breathing air, but once his lungs become adjusted, he feels better. In essence I suppose the Comforter often comforts us by strengthening us, by helping us detach from worldly care, by guarding us from despair, and by transforming our sufferings into sacrifices, for he 'builds up the walls of Jerusalem' that the 'offerings' might be acceptable to him (Ps. 50.)

    Of course, there is truth to the Marxiam critique; but it is the critique of the worst. We could attack any group by displaying only the worst of their ranks and extrapolating. But that would be dishonest. His is a taking of the worst of religion and inductively asserting that it represents what religion actually is, a leap which we know cannot be made unless we are talking about the state of religion in the fallen milieu.

  5. A second thought is that Marxism is much like those who condemn medicine as a whole because there is some stuff about it that is done wrongly. Or Christian Science, which denies the use of medicine at all. The art of turning sick men away from all doctors is a dread one. Such as it is with uncautious words about religion or the church. It is only safe to do so among those who already have already rejected religion entirely, or those who have true faith and can understand that man is at best always trying and failing to worship properly on his own.

  6. Yes, turning sick men away from ALL doctors on the basis that some are quacks is erroneous. Turning the whole of humanity away from the Church on the basis that all are sinners and some are heretics is equally erroneous. It may be that I'm misunderstanding your last statement. But I don't think it's ever safe to be uncautious with our words regarding the true Faith.

  7. Considering only God knows the hearts of men, yes.


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