it reads:
Were it only color, class or creed?
Just mostly local in antiquity;
Far worse a late euro-'Christian' notion
For dragging skins across the ocean.

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evelyn cromer modern imperialism


Spin Me Right Round

it is addressed thusly:
to Kutiman
it reads:
Finger flight run spun lambent rays
Of film fragment and phosphor frays
Disc jockey blinks behind the frame
Triangle press, our junkyard fame.
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mother of all funk chords


I'll Be Celebrating

it is addressed thusly:
To all manner of culture warriors.

it reads:
The first battle call of the year
It seems that Christmas is so dear
But only as a prize to be won
Surely holy days are undone.


Ponder Nothing Earthly

it reads:
No thoughts then pass my mind's eye
As though then I stood and stand by
Golden-glass and crystal sea
Behold! The one true Liturgy.

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seraphim magdalene corarbennic


Of Opiates and Masses

it is addressed thusly:
Thanking both Marx and the Vatican for a fine pun made possible by their felicitous word choices.

it reads:
'Why are the priests rich' said the claque
A great bearded one upon their plaque
We'll make the war between the classes
Brand new balm; a cure for the masses

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'vatican marx galileo darwin'


Red at Night

it is addressed thusly:
To the meek, who did and do and shall inherit the land.

it reads:
A saw a farm upon red earth
Plenteous in width and girth
By night she lay beneath strange stars
For her bed, her earth was Mars.

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mars terraformed canaan


Profit / Prophet

it is addressed thusly:
To our time (and every time's) doomsayers, and those who sincerely believe they are the disillusioners of the masses.
it reads:
I have imagined in my head
All things said which lead to dread
Forget the light yoke of the Lord
Hang on my ev'ry harrowing word!

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second young morning terrace


The Java Drive

it is addressed thusly:
ascesis; the cutting off of self-will.

it reads:
A strange world would be
When getting a coffee
Cosmic fate in the balance
Over thirsty allowance!



it is addressed thusly:
To the city who ain't half bad most of the time, for a city.
it reads:
Against a blue and winsome hue
Ruddy bricked beneath the dew
Green of park and yellow sun
Morning yawned, began her run.


First Hundred

it reads:
To see the beginning as no one saw
this the desired exploit of all
records kept, the shards unearthed
who was there when it was birthed?
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next hundred oldest domain



it is addressed thusly:
I am sojourner; But my journey goes back to its start. But its start is then not the same place.
it reads:
Eye of light in darksome gloom
Steely shine of mind's mad doom
Virgin ruler, stern hunter high
I pull the seas into the sky!


Sword Canticle

it is addressed thusly:
Arise, O Lord, overtake them and trip their heels; deliver my soul from ungodly men, Thy sword from the enemies of Thy hand.  Ps.16:13-14
it reads:
Dear St. Michael's scabbard and sword
In hands so sure thou art our ward
Be the sharp swift wind that drives
Dark fear from our children and wives!
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stephen's things' light / michael's glory


Eaten, but not Consumed

it reads:
If one were to chance eat a scroll
The act would exact its toll
As did for 'Zeke and for John
And the wise singer whose name was Roman.
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first fruit logismoi melodist


Pride Aside

it reads:
Self congratulation's for free
Though hidden the price may be
For liberty's constant vigil is all
And everything proud must fall.


The Center doth Hold

it reads:
No chest of emotion am I
Nor source of blood's motion lie
They have not found me yet
For all yet more, am I of that.
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andrea elizabeth lewis recalling heart


Federal Feasts of October

it is addressed thusly:
With apologies to Christopher Columbus, whose day is mostly an occasion to mock people from the fifteenth century nowadays

it reads:
On Columbus' day we remember
Mostly that it isn't September
Some forgot the world was round
So a market for new worlds was found.


Calves of Gold

it reads:
as regards our present day
a certain president, we'll say
is famed all 'round the world you see
the emperor of popularity.
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nobel prize 2009


Dropping Softly, Singing

it is addressed thusly:
recalling Sun Ra, who was at least an alien, though whither an angel I know not
it reads:
land's own halo hears afar
the humming sighing of a star
a thousand more in hev'n ringing
the spheres are dropping, softly singing
a postscript is here written:
a pass-word:

wondrous wheel of stars



it reads:
Sometimes like finding a friend of old
In the olden days tales we're told
Can be signaled but by scrap of hair
A fragment of text, left here or there.
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seraphim live journal sigrist


My Hands are Quite Dirty

it reads:
Shall I find my grubbing hands there
Feeling among the worthless weeds where
Seeking fruit given but through toil
Attain at last, the holy soil?


I am Moved

it reads:
Though this mind of mine is often
To wander as stones the rivers soften
Beneath many skies of gray and blue
It returns, in faith, to only you.



it reads:
Each lives in worldly peace
the belief and unbelief
'til left is only one
each hopes they are who won.


Paths in Goshen

it is addressed thusly:
To the Archaeologians, whose entire world will change with the next finding of bone-fragments, clay or footprints. For to-morrow they will find evidence of God, and believe in creation from the beginning, and the next they shall find he was a fraud and all of history shall be changed.
it reads:
He who sees not future's chance
Furtive, misses with his glance
The failings of dear his'try's art
Loses horse, and loses cart.