Sincerely, Your Thistle

it is addressed thusly:
For the Queen of the Arti-chokes
it reads:
Why do you cling?
I asked the burr
For which it had no answer;
It simply had a lot of things
That hook and snag and sting
And resist the weather.

The thistle then
No harm intends
With double hooks and halberds;
It needs to stick in
For until when
It needs to hurtle groundwards.

"I'm not garden variety
Of the parasitic sobriety!"
Thistles' barbs are not thorns,
You and I for tea
A prickly society
Call off now the battle horns!

This little burr
Is a traveler
Of the most tactile sort I'll grant you;
So I must aver;
His motives mostly sure
To be getting where we're going to!

1 comment:

  1. That's the art of the choke
    Piercing the heart as he spoke
    Rather like a dart than a poke
    I, then, gave a start and awoke


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