it reads:
A perfect case of when words meet
Like a lovers at a diner eat
Where joins the things celestial
With everything adorable.
a postscript is here written:
a pass-word.
limit roche wiki

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  1. Speaking of things adorable, I regard this poem as highly such.

    To Love or to Marry

    Consider a couple;
    Fallen into some trouble.

    A matter dialectical;
    Threatens their nuptial.

    Of a peculiar trait;
    These two do partake.

    At her word's veracity;
    He speaks disingenuously.

    When she would deceive;
    His talk takes truthful leave.

    On one occasion;
    Of a conversation;
    Four claims exchanged over tea;
    In pairs simultaneously.

    He said she;
    Will love when we marry.
    Then with enigmatic resolve;
    Will marry when we love.

    If at first he dissembles;
    Then tells the truth in trembles;
    Now conclude from what's above;
    Who will love but won't marry;
    And who will marry but won't love.


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