it is addressed thusly:
A poem which needs a response.
it reads:
is anything here now freely chosen
or are our fates there simply frozen?
No! So I've now in this matter
looked thereon, and chose the better.

As I chose a year ago
I will choose again
If she who read reads now
Let her say, amen.


  1. For far too long my heart, hard-pressed
    Between the two, has sought
    Reasons that are, at best, half-dressed
    To slay these miry thoughts.

    Poor deluded man! Somehow
    Convinced of this he was.
    That he should make this solemn vow
    Without so much a pause.

    I said unto myself, Lord please!
    Save him from this delusion
    But it was I who needed release
    From this place of hesitation.

    So let him that reads be free and risen
    The healing wounds amend.
    And I, free from this darkling prison
    With joy doth say, amen.

  2. That's a really good poem, dear! Especially the last stanza.


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