Maximus Explains the Point of Individuality

Do not be disturbed by what I have said. I have no intention of denying free will. Rather I am speaking of a firm and steadfast disposition, a willing surrender, so that from the one from whom we have received being we long to receive eing moved as well. It is like the relation between an image and its archetype. A seal conforms to the stamp against which it was pressed and has neither desire not capability to receive an impression from something else, or to put it forthrightly, it does not want to. Since it lays hold of God's power or rather becomes God by divinization and delights more in the displacement of those things perceived to be naturally its own. Through the abunant grace of the Spirit it will be shown that God alone is at work, and in all things there will be only one activity, that of God and of those worthy of kinship with God. God will be all in all wholly permeating all who are his in a way that is appropriate to each.
-St. Maximus the Confessor, Ambiguum 7

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