On The Æther

Is this on? Excellent.

It need not be said, though without any doubt it will be, that I will be sending missives to this box.

Press the button and enter the code word (you know what it is) and if there's a new message, it will pop up.

We're dealing with white text on black Æther; we commissioned the reverse color scheme, but as such things are it never materialized.

I will dealing with the subject of the World, Paradise, and what paths we may take to go from one to the other. Some among us insist that we must go back; but how far may we go before we transgress?

There are many forks along the path, 'bifurcations' is a fancy word we employ when we're trying to impress people with our beautiful English. (put the stress on the 'ca' and you will hear what I mean.)

The question of what we may know about our path is ripe; and to wit, it is little. But we know enough at least to make the next choice.

There are psychological roots to the desire for return; those who call themselves 'new age' may perhaps seek to return by going back, or calling the World, Paradise.

It is neither, and others yet also believe wrongly that they may place a cage around truth and preserve its form and substance in a comforting, static fashion. But as we draw long from the well, we may find it runs dry. What do we do then? Do we seek another sustenance?

Nay, but instead we must find the well anew. Truth hides in plain sight; and with our faith we may see where it does not hide.

There is only one well, reader, and by the works of those who drink therefrom we may know what they imbibe.

This is to prepare you for what messages are to come. You may correspond if desired. If this point in the Æther goes dark, then I have already gone home.

Your Correspondent Leaves The Epigraph:

Truly Christ Is Among Us.

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